Real Name:

Valerie Maureen Ramsay Mcdade

How long have you been skating for? 

I started in October 2016, so still very new but learning very fast!

How did you find out about Roller Derby?

Hel-en fire! We’ve been friends for over a decade and knowing I love trying new things she suggested I come along to fresh meat

What is your favourite thing about Roller Derby?

Well, apart from the fact I get to work out some serious frustration I have to say it’s the team. The girls are fab. Totally supportive, encouraging and best of all, don’t take anything too seriously! (Except for training of course) Everyone gives their best, but has fun alongside it. In the famous words of van weirder – Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive

Which team or skater do you most look up to?

This is the hardest question! I admire so many of our skaters. Lockdown really knows her stuff and is so patient, I really trust her to get me there but still has us all working our arses off.

Clairely Psycho is incredible to watch in a scrim and won’t take us newbies slacking off!

dARIngly is so fast and not afraid of anything.

Hel-en fire knows how to break through walls on her toe stops.

Newbies Jade-i-licious and Bam Solo are just flying through the ranks with sheer determination and talent …. and I could just go on and on naming the skills of the whole team!!!

If I had to pick just one though it would be 34 DD. I witnessed this lass passing her wings and she was so emotional and so proud! It was just proof of how hard she worked.

What’s the best game you have ever watched?

I’ve not witnessed a real game YET – bring on the champs!!!  but I NSO’ed at the Halloween scrim. It was totally Neil and the dateline from the girls!!! I almost felt like I was playing myself….

What would you say to anyone who is considering signing up for fresh meat?

Just do it! It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s invigorating. Whatever you decide to play, full contact on track or an NSO/ref position I can guarantee there is no other sport or team that you will feel more part of! No matter what your age, fitness level, build… you defiantly won’t feel out of place!