Frankiestein #92

Derby Name:

‘Real name’:
Frances Gibbon

How long have you been skating for?
Since August 2017 

What position do you play?
Yet to be determined, just happy to have a go at the minute!

How did you find out about Roller Derby?
I’d heard of the sport before and was just looking for a new hobby to make my life a bit more interesting.

What is your favourite thing about Roller Derby?
Getting to learn a new skill, especially with such patient teachers (honestly, they all deserve medals)

Which team or skater do you most look up to?
I’m still at a stage where I look up to anyone who can play, it really gives me something to aim for.

What’s the best game you have ever watched?
I still find everything so impressive, I think the few games I’ve seen in person have had the most impact though.

What would you say to anyone who is considering signing up for fresh meat?
Don’t be scared! You don’t know unless you try