Hezzabelle Lecter #410

Real name:
Lisa “Little Hezza”
Derby Name:
Hezzabelle Lecter #410
Where did your derby name come from?
I’m known as Hezza so it got extended to Hezzabelle and then Lecter was just a moment of inspiration!  But yes, big fan of the “Lambs” franchise and a little obsessed with Deaths Head Hawk Moths.
How long have you been skating for?
Since about the age of 7???  My white roller boots with the rainbows were the best birthday present of my entire childhood!
How did you find out about roller derby?
I skated with a team in a previous incarnation but stopped.  However I’d missed it and couldn’t find anything else that fired me up as much!  Then one day in early 2018 I thought about taking it up again and couldn’t find a genuinely good reason not to!
What team or skater do you most look up to?
I’m still familiarising myself with the roller derby world again but OBVS my team who have taught me so much and performed so awesomely in their bouts!  
What do you like about roller derby?
I love everything about it.  The sport is truly awesome.  Complexly simple, clever and tactical and furious and fabulous all at once!  And although the players look “badass”, I’ve truly never met a lovelier, welcoming and passionate lot than roller derby people.
What I personally get from it is great excerise, comradery, excitement and a sense of empowerment and confidence that nothing else comes close to! 
What would you say to anyone who is thinking of signing up for fresh meat?
Omg do it!!!!  Skating is SO much fun!!!!
Seriously though, roller derby isn’t for everyone.  It takes hard work,  bravery, passion and commitment but it also makes you WANT to work hard and give your all!
If you think you might have found “your thing” just get stuck in and let it take over your life!!!