What is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a fast paced, full contact sport played on quad roller skates. Teams skate round an oval track trying to gain the most points by lapping the opposing players.


Each team consists of 5 skaters:

Jammer Helmet

A Jammer – The Jammer is the team’s point scorer, they can be identified by the stars on their helmet cover.

A Pivot – The Pivot is also a Blocker and often co-ordinates the pack on the track. They also have the added benefit of being able to take on Jammer position if the star helmet cover is passed to them.  The Pivot can otherwise be identified by the stripe down the centre of their helmet cover.Pivot Helmet

3 Blockers – The Blockers play both offensively and defensively to prevent the opposing Jammer scoring points, whilst assisting their own Jammer.

The game is made up of a number of Jams within two 30 minute periods. A Jam can last up to 2 minutes and the aim is to get your team’s Jammer through the Pack as quickly as possible so they can start scoring points. For every opposing skater the Jammer laps, they will be awarded 1 point. Of course, the team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Ref and NSOsAs in all sports, there are many rules to the game. Each game is officiated by 7 Referees, and a number of other Non-Skating Officials (NSOs). These volunteers are crucial to Roller Derby and without them we wouldn’t be able to play.






All images have kindly been drawn by the wonderful Josef Waterworth for Durham City Rolling Angels, please do not copy or use without permission.