DCRA British Championships Game One

DCRA have had to sit and wait (im)patiently for our turn to play in the 2018 British Championships.  Our campaign FINALLY got underway on Sunday 20th May.  Our game date coincided with the Newcastle Roller Girls annual tournament – Euroclash.  Clairely Psycho takes us through the weekend through her eyes. This weekend has truly been

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Scrim Vs Sheffield Steel Crucibelles

Furicorn loves to blog!  And we love to share our team mates musings and ponderings post game.  So this seems like the perfect opportunity to share her experience during our recent scrim with the Sheffield Steel Crucibelles.  This scrim was a bit of a pre-cursor to our first T4WN British Champs game of 2018, and it went

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Reasons to Start Playing Roller Derby…

DCRA are looking for new members that we can turn into fully fledged skaters RIGHT NOW!  We absolutely love bringing people into our team and teaching them how to skate.  But it actually goes much further than that.   For many of our members, skating has given them so much more than a couple of hours getting sweaty in a sports hall.  Femme FAYEtal, one of our newest graduates has written from the heart about what roller derby, and joining DCRA has done for her:      

…Not Long Now!

At DCRA we have been in champs countdown since what feels like FOREVER!  Other tiers have their 2018 campaigns well underway and 3rd March 2018 has been circled in our calendar for what feels like  eternity, but the wait is nearly over now and we literally cannot wait to get beaten up by Spa Town

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So 2017 is over and for some this is a massive relief because with it comes the “new year, new me” mindset. I am not, and have never been, one of those people. My belief is firm in that it shouldn’t take a new year for you to make positive changes in your life. So

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