Becoming an Angel

Hello potential Cherubs! 

So, you’ve trawled the internet, been to a roller disco or two, watched YouTube videos and maybe even seen a live game. All you need now is to sign up and get involved!  

Durham City Rolling Angels have intakes a couple of times a year – keep an eye on our Facebook page for our next one!

Don’t worry if you can’t skate or haven’t skated in years – that is how many of the Angels started. Our dedicated coaches will be on hand to get you rolling and they’ll guide you through everything from simply standing on 8 wheels, to moving forward and stopping safely.  

If you love the feel of wheels on your feet and wind in your hair, our training programme is your next step.

Ours is a programme to introduce you to the basics of Roller Derby. In order to play competitively you need to have achieved a set of Minimum Skills. These skills make up the fresh meat programme. We will move you through the basic skills such as; standing up, falling down, turning and skating safely, all the way through to more advanced skills including; jumping, weaving, throwing hits and receiving hits.

**Please note: Cherub training can be a demanding programme – you are assessed at regular intervals and checked off the skills as you master each one of them. By the end of the training period you will have a final assessment including a rules test. Once you have passed these assessments, you are promoted from a Cherub into a fully fledged ANGEL! But don’t worry if you don’t pass them all straight away, we’ll continue to guide and support you every session to help you pass your skills and gain your wings.** 



Sometimes skating or playing roller derby isn’t for everyone, so if you’d rather become a Referee or Non Skating Official (NSO), we’ll give you all the guidance and support to get you there. That way you still get to be an active member of DCRA, minus the bits you’re not so keen on! Find our more about Ref School by clicking HERE.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next intake event on the website or Facebook and get in touch!



Clothing for the session:  Dress for comfort! Stretchy leggings or cycling shorts are best teamed with a loose top. Bring trainers for any off skates activities – we would recommend a couple of pairs of socks just to help avoid blisters in unfamiliar/new skates. Bring lots of water too, you are going to sweat!

Costs:  “But what does it cost?” I hear you cry. Well for your initial session it won’t cost you anything other than some sweat. Thereafter it is just £3 for each one and a half hour Sunday session.   Once you are attending regularly, we can then move you on to a Direct Debit which saves you money and means you can come to our other sessions completely FREE!