Ref School

Durham City Rolling Angels does 


As a small league, one of our main areas for development in 2017-2018 was to encourage and train our own set of Refs and NSO’s. Not an easy feat believe me! Refs are more in demand now than ever and finding enough officials to run games and scrims was a massive problem in 2016. So this was our solution… Create and train our own dazzle of zeebs in our own Ref School!

We virtually ‘met’ the rather marvellous MC – Mr Mickey Conn, and persuaded him to ref at our Halloween scrim. The rest then fell swiftly in to place and the DCRA Ref School was born!

We have 10 refs in training now, who can also double up as NSOs and also as bouting players. Part of our new cherub skating programme will also include some of the tricks and tips from ref school. After all, a knowledgeable player is a super valuable asset to the squad as a whole! 

Please send us a message if you are interested in joining DCRA as an official, or even as a skater.  Talk to us!