2017 Fixtures

We are fully immersed in the 2017 British Champs and here are the dates and links to our photos from the games.

Sunday 5th February DCRA vs Wakey Wildcats 

Psycho says: “…Geeee we loved this game – it’s fair to say we got smashed, but we couldn’t have been beaten by a more awesome group of ladies! ” 

See our photo gallery for some amazing photos of our angels and cherubs…


Sunday 5th March  DCRA vs Mansfeld 

Psycho Says: “Another toughie,  Mansfield have have asses of steel and the biggest smiles in Derby-verse.  We had small but clear goals for this game: No one to foul out, double our points from Game one and halve the score of the opposition… and we did pretty well  – two out of three!” 

See our photo gallery for more memories of an eventful day in Grimsby…

Saturday 8th April  DCRA vs Newcastle Roller Girls North C’s 

Psycho Says… “It’s no lie that to the angels at DCRA, the Walker dome is like Wembley Stadium would be to a football fan.  We have spent many weekends watching the pros at Newcastle Roller Girls & Tyne & Fear do their thing, and for us playing at this venue in front of a fairly massive crowd was a massive deal.  

We played our asses off and had our best result yet.  totting up nearly 200 points in the process, not quite enough to beat the North C’s .. but there’s always next time… 😉

Dave Moore took some amazing photos of our game – check them out in our gallery.


BC T4W Saturday 13th May  DCRA vs York Minxters – 

BC T4W Saturday 1st July  DCRA vs Grim Reavers at Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre

BC T4W Saturday 29th July –  DCRA vs Durham Roller Derby 


Non- champs Games

DCRA vs the Yorkshire Puddings

Halloween Scrim Doom Angels vs The White Walkers

DCRA vs Hulls Angels Hard B

DCRA vs Lothian Roller Derby