Our Angels (plus a few guests!) travelled up to Glasgow recently to visit our friends at Mean City Roller Derby and take part in a super spooky fun scrim. Our lovely Miss Have-a-Slam shares her thoughts of the day in our latest blog.

Hallowmean: there will be no (toe-stop) running from this Halloween derby punning!

On Saturday 2nd November 2019, the Durham City Rolling Angels (DCRA) posse were creeping it real at the Arc Centre in Glasgow for the Halloween spooktacular against Mean City Roller Derby (MCRD).

A skilled rookie game came first and I can honestly say both games were thrilling to watch and all four teams demonstrated how skilful, entertaining and sports(wo)man-like roller derby can be.

Dressed as skeletons, the team were determined that nobody *audible groan* would stop them having fun with their ghoul friends, and that they would have pumpkin to be proud of by the final whistle. The line-up manager was our very own Cherry Snakebite, whose behind the scenes support kept lines running smoothly, with guest bench Swan Break from Newcastle Roller Girls who we’d like to thank effusively for stepping in to help at the last minute.

With our resting witch faces on we were determined to show both guts and glory! With some tactical jam starts (like a dropped jack-o-lantern the blockers squashed) and some targeted offence (with notable displays of explosive strength from Fubar and Princess), we diffused some impressive performances from Mean City demonstrating stand out jamming skills.

The strength of DCRA’s blocking walls meant DCRA had pulled in front by the half time rolling whistle with a score of 118 to MCRD’s 43.

The second half showed some superb jamming from Hezabelle Lector, Femme Fayetal and Furicorn who all completed an impressive 14 point jam, with 7 points to round points up on the final jam by the bone to be wild Frankistein. The team effort resulted in a decisive win with some speedy shenanigans from Eufilthior as well as the rest of the blockers.
Stand out performances as nominated by Mean City as the players of the game were:
• Best jammer went to Furicorn.
• Best blocker went to Force-a-Nature.
• MVP went to our Captain A-Lister.
• Meanest skater went to our Vice-Captain Bam-Solo.

Well done to all we are really proud to be on the same team and if you’ve got it haunt it!

We would like to thank the Mean City players, NSO’s, referees, paramedics and everyone who turned up and turned out. In the spirit of Halloween there were no lazy bones and everyone got on board with this exciting form of exorcise!