Why should I skate?

So you’ve read about roller derby, maybe even watched a couple of games, or maybe you stumbled across the sport by accident. However you found yourself thinking about it, the question is, why haven’t you joined a league?!

Here at DCRA we hold new intakes a couple of times a year with our next one taking place in January (head on over to our Facebook event for more information). With this in mind, we thought it would be nice to check in with some of the team to find out exactly what brought them to us, and what they love most about playing roller derby.

Over to you teamies!  


Pavlovs Dodge – “I skate because I love that it lets me exercise without feeling like I’m actually exercising – being in a gym or going out for a run bores me. I love that it challenges me to do things I never thought I could do. What brought me to DCRA was a Facebook post advertising an intake and I thought “why not?!”. What I love the most about roller derby is that as a wife and mum, I find most of what I do is for other people and I don’t get much time for myself. Derby is something I do that is solely for me; it gives me time to focus on myself, feel good about myself and de-stress.”

Femme FAYEtal – “I skate because I find this sport mega challenging – much to the dismay of my teammates with my continuous questioning; a C-cut? Ah, yes. Positive Facebook posts and a “secret” intake are what brought me to DCRA. At the time, I was also watching Britain’s Got Talent and thought to myself “Faye, you don’t really have any talent”, so I did something about it. The things I enjoy the most about roller derby and about being a part of DCRA is the banter we have, how geeky everyone can be and the mindfulness – it’s perfect escapism for me!”

Cherry Snakebite – “Why do I skate? Why not! It’s a challenge for me, but most of all, it’s fun. A totally random conversation at work is what brought me to DCRA – and I’ve never looked back. The things I enjoy the most about roller derby… Definitely not the dreaded “derby stink”! I had been in a long relationship and when it ended, I had few friends and no idea who I was or what I enjoyed anymore. My self esteem was shot to shit. Roller derby has given me Si├ón back.”


Hezzabell Lecter – “I’m a glutton for punishment and I like a challenge; that’s why I skate. I’m not sure whether it was a moment of madness or a flippant whim, but, I found myself at DCRA after years of being away from roller derby. The things I enjoy most about roller derby… Pushing myself, working hard, hitting people, bruises, being sweaty, derby stink and roller skates! What’s not to love?!”

Jorunn – “For over 20 years horse riding has been my main sport and earlier this year, I decided to take a break from it – but I needed something else to throw myself into. Finding DCRA was a bit random for me; I saw a post on Facebook about roller derby and decided to Google and see if Durham had a team (I was certain there wouldn’t be one) and as it turned out they did and training was only 15 minutes away from home! Clearly, it was meant to be so I turned up one Friday night and now here I am! DCRA is full of awesome people who are happy to help. I love learning a new skill, falling over for a bit and then mastering it. I love learning more about derby so I can truly appreciate the skills of those who are really good at it. I love the fact that everyone has the ability to succeed if they put the hours in and work for it, regardless of where they’ve come from or what they’ve done before.”

Chronic MasterSkater – “I skate because as my good friend Eufilthior says, “It feeds my soul”. I think now that I’ve experienced it, if I didn’t have roller derby, I wouldn’t feel like myself anymore. It actually makes me excited to exercise – a feeling I hadn’t had for a long time! I adore all of the people I’ve met along the way; it’s like creating a whole new family. There’s a lack of judgment within the team, I’ve had nothing but a feeling of acceptance. What brought me to DCRA? A friend recommended roller derby to me a few years ago, when I was too young to join the same league as her. Earlier this year, after a hiatus, she rejoined and I figured “fuck it, why the hell not?!” and I’ve not looked back! The things that I enjoy the most are being around like minded people, of being part of a sport where you are actively encouraged to hit people (legally, obviously). When I skate I feel an absence of inhibition, which is something I usually struggle with in my day to day routine. Oh, and did I mention you can hit people? 10/10 the best sport by far.”

So there you have it; all of the reasons you need to come along and meet us and see for yourself what the sport of roller derby is all about. If you’ve ever wanted a New Year’s resolution that you will absolutely stick to, join us on 6th January. We promise you won’t regret it!