Reasons to Start Playing Roller Derby…

DCRA are looking for new members that we can turn into fully fledged skaters RIGHT NOW!  We absolutely love bringing people into our team and teaching them how to skate.  But it actually goes much further than that.   For many of our members, skating has given them so much more than a couple of hours getting sweaty in a sports hall.  Femme FAYEtal, one of our newest graduates has written from the heart about what roller derby, and joining DCRA has done for her:      

So, you’ve seen this occasionally brutal sport on TV recently, and possibly you have asked yourself  “Why, oh why would you want to beat people up on roller skates?”  or “It looks so violent!” is another frequently heard comment.  I have learned many, many reasons for LOVING this fantastic sport and I’d like to share just a few with you. 

Exercise is good for you.  Yawn, tell me something I don’t know!

Yes, of course this is a benefit- we all know this.   Especially when you’re feeling a bit down or you’ve had a bad day.  How many of you would rather sit and watch Netflix and eat chocolate? Probably most of you…The next day does it make you feel much better? No, not really.   

I have found that skating and playing increases the levels of endorphins in my body, clears my mind, boosts my metabolism and eliminates stress.  I have especially found it very cathartic in terms of stress release, it’s so much more exciting than going to the gym too.

I’m working on muscles groups I have NEVER worked before. Next day DOMS after a particularly hard session are sore, but it feels so good to have worked so hard!

Social Impact

I never thought I’d ever meet such a lovely bunch of lasses, I mean MEGA lovely.  Genuine friendships are hard to find, especially when we are all so busy with work and other commitments.  Roller Derby has given me the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, all walks of life and even from different continents! I genuinely feel privileged to have gotten to know all of my team mates.   I know that they have my back on and off track and I certainly have theirs!

This has led to our infamous “curry nights” which involve board games, watching game footage and demolishing serious amounts of food.  Just cramming 30+ skaters into one living room is a challenge in itself sometimes, but we have the best nights in!    Our team nights away before bouts are always so exciting too.  And now we even have our own book club- As a bookworm this is very pleasing! I know that I’ll never stop learning from my team and I’ll always be a ‘fan- girl’ of other players both locally and nationally.

When I meet new people either socially or at work, they tend to be interested in Roller Derby, I’ve particularly enjoyed trying to explain this sport –  “No- there is no ball!  I am the ball!”


How can it possibly affect work, you ask? This is more a long-term impact.  If you train just the once,  you’re probably not going to be any more productive the next day at work, in fact you might feel achy and dehydrated. If I’ve taken anything from my team is that when you get knocked down (or spectacularly knocked off the track) then you get straight back up again. This has developed my emotional resilience.  I’ll happily pipe up a new idea at a meeting, have a difficult conversation or not replay a negative interaction in my head. As a teacher, I have the pleasure of being observed a few times a year- observations used to fill me with irrational anxiety, but as soon as I’m into the flow of an observation it’s really not as scary as I thought.  This is much like the first jam in a game. Once you’ve completed a jam then it’s soooo enjoyable, seriously, there is no better feeling that smashing through a wall!

This list is not exhaustive- I’m sure there are even more reasons! here are some: 

I used to like to be liked- does that really concern me now?   No.

Does it matter what I wear or what I look like?   No.

Is everyday a great day because solely because of Roller Derby? Well, no I’m not delusional. But has it improved my life and significantly improved my confidence?   Most definitely, yes! 


Sign up and let roller derby change your life for the better.  Our next intake is on Friday the 6th of April, get in touch with our Facebook page if you want to come – spaces are strictly limited!


Much Love

Femme x