DCRA vs Lothian Derby Dolls

Catching up on our recent games and reflecting on a bit of a busy Autumn and winter, Clairely Psycho takes us through the first win of 2017 for DCRA – the fact that we had to wait until December for it to happen means it meant SO much to the team!

Dear Reader.

It is my job to talk to you a little about our trip up to Scotland to play those wee beauts at Lothian Derby Dolls.   Some of the team decided to make a weekend of it and with a sneaky extra day off, there were Angels heading up the A1 as early as the Friday morning and some who were left broken down at the side of the road in the middle of no where on game day morning – I kid you not!  

After our previous game at Hulls Angels, I will admit the defeat knocked me.  It felt like all of our training hadn’t come off.  That our elusive first win was literally NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!  So it was great to have this game literally a fortnight later to refocus on and give us another chance to put our plans into action. 

One important piece of reflection from out last game was that we were dominated on the jam line and allowed the Hulls Angels to herd and effectively block us in.   We had no answer to it on the day, but that WASN’T going to happen again! 

So after some Christmas Markets had been scoped,  noses and toeses had been frozen off in the process, and a good nights sleep was had by all we were ready for GAME DAY! 

We were able to have 2 guest skaters for this game and we are lucky to have a lovely group of skaters and friends who are always up for a road trip and some skatey funz with the team, so for this trip, Goldie and Nokatchi from Newcastle Roller Girls came up to help boost our numbers and added a bit of Gold to our Red and Blackness.

The Venue was completely MINT – changing rooms with our names on and a Goody bag waiting for us when we arrived -Lothian girls are totally the hostesses with the mostest, and a kick ass program too!  We could get used to this!!    After consuming all the biscuits and possibly a small nip of Bucky to take the edge off the pre-bout nerves…  It was time.

Skate outs and warms ups done, it was time for shit to get real. – A little side note,  Lothian girls are made of some strong stuff, and they hit HARD!!!!!!!!!  

First couple of jams went by in that normal ‘errrrr what are we doing‘ fuzz that seems to happen to most players.   But despite our early wobbles we were securing lead jammer and executing our points and call strategy beautifully.  

We played hard and absorbed some frankly monster hits and threw a few beauties of our own.   At half time we were up 23 points..  

Well this is new!


Not enough to be comfortable with,  one awesome power jam could change all of that, but nonetheless it was a lead!   and by christ we were going to hang on to it!  

Second half came and we kept doing our thing,  recycling, offense, defence, swarming, eating space.  The time was ticking down and finally we felt that we playing together, working together and putting our plays into practice.

Final Whistle went and we had secured our first win of the season, and it couldn’t have been against a bonnier bunch of skaters.  I think they were nearly as pleased for us as we were !  

So there we have it – A victory.  We are officially on a winning streak and have scrims to book in for January and February before we face our first HUGE challenge of British champs 2018. 

But that’s for another post.


Psycho xx 

PS) Look at us!   Many thanks to Lewis Innes who took the majority of these photos