DCRA Update Autumn 2017 – Full of Busy!

Apologies for being rather quiet on here recently.   Its been a pretty crazy time at DCRA, what with our rapidly expanding squad of players including two rather amazing transfers (more about later), our biggest EVER intake day resulting in a squad of gorgeous new intake of skaters to train and then preparations for battle in British Champs next season.  

We have made some rather big changes in the administration and organisation of DCRA, including electing a new board,  a re-vamp of the minimum skills program for our freshies as well as a more rigorous training program for Angels as well as Cherubs.  All of these changes have been well received and has given angels within the team the opportunity to test their coaching skills out and share their experience with the cherubs, as well as being pushed harder and further than ever before in our more advanced sessions.  

Our ref school was a MASSIVE success from earlier in the year, and our refs have been gaining scrim experience with teams in, Wakefield, York and Sunderland and they are now graduating up to reffing in larger games.  We cannot thank Mickey Conn enough for running this for us, its transformed our team! 

But if this wasn’t enough,  a late night conversation with Suze MacBruise from Doonhame Roller Derby – one of our best buddies in Derby has resulted in a 4 team collaboration to run a MASSIVE Halloween Triple Header Event  THIS Saturday  (28th Oct).  Spooktator tickets still available,click here!  ;o)


Oohhh did I mention we had transfers?   We have been incredibly fortunate to have two amazing skaters join us after the Summer break.  Leggs and Flying Kiwi from Croyden Roller Derby have made an immediate impression on the team and we literally cannot wait to show y’all what we have been learning from these two!    


So there you are – all up to date with things angel related.


See you all on track!


CP xx