Eufilthior #96

Hezzabelle Lecter #410

Real name: Lisa “Little Hezza”   Derby Name: Hezzabelle Lecter #410   Where did your derby name come from? I’m known as Hezza so it got extended to Hezzabelle and then Lecter was just a moment of inspiration!  But yes, big fan of the “Lambs” franchise and a little obsessed with Deaths Head Hawk Moths.

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Cherry Snakebite #17

Real name Sian Myers Where did your derby name come from? A roller derby name generator How long have you been skating for? Since August 2017 but I spent a lot of my childhood/early teens on roller boots making up dances  What position do you play? None yet but I’m an aspiring jammer. How did

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Real Name: Valerie Maureen Ramsay Mcdade How long have you been skating for?  I started in October 2016, so still very new but learning very fast! How did you find out about Roller Derby? Hel-en fire! We’ve been friends for over a decade and knowing I love trying new things she suggested I come along

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