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***Latest NEWS ****

DCRA are proud to be hosting the FINAL game day of the British Championships for Tier 4.  It has been a nail-biter of a season, and the final day is guaranteed to provide two action packed games from the teams currently placed 2nd-5th.

Game One:  Spa Town Roller Derby v Durham Roller Derby

Half Time Show featuring:  4 My Sins

Game Two:  Durham City Rolling Angels v Sunderland Roller Derby

Tickets can be bought online NOW at a reduced price of £5 (£7 on the door).  Simply follow the magical ticket link:

Durham City Rolling Angels are a Flat Track female owned Roller Derby League based in Durham, North East England.  Founded in 2013, we have been working to steadily increase our numbers, develop our skills and grow into a strong, supportive team.  We welcome all new skaters & beginner skaters on our Friday night sessions.  To find out more about joining DCRA as a skater, please click HERE.  Just look at all the fun you could be having!!

But just in case you are asking the question “What on earth is Roller Derby? “- Well we have created a rather fancy guide for you, to read about the basic rules of roller derby, simply click HERE

Our league strives to be an all inclusive community, empowering our members to become the best they can be.  However, competitive skating isn’t for everyone,  We have many members of DCRA who are called NSO’s or non skating officials who ensure the smooth running of bout days as well as referees, affectionately  known as Zebras.  Durham City Rolling angels run one of the only Referee schools in the North East for these special individuals.  We cannot run games without them and our NSO’s/Refs are as big a part of DCRA as the skaters. Find out more about our ref school by clicking HERE 




All individuals are a valued member of Durham City Rolling Angels, regardless of their background or circumstances.  Any new members or supporters will always be welcomed with open arms.